What I'm Doing Now

updated 2023-05-30

Summer Job

I was accepted into a REU (Research Experiences for Undergrads) program at East Carolina University.

I'll be spending my entire summer here in North Carolina doing AI research.

It has been two weeks so far. I am having a blast. The mentors are just fantastic, and the other students are very engaged with the work. It is nice to have people I can talk AI to!

My research topic is teaching large language models (think chatGPT) to use a calculator. They are great at mathematical reasoning but not very good at actually crunching numbers, so I'm hoping to push this idea forward a bit. More generally, I'm interested in getting them to use any tool. But for now, I'm focused on the calculator.

Staying in the dorm has been more fun than I expected. It has been interesting to be able to hang out with people at almost any time.

TLDR; I'm getting paid to work on what I want to. I've got nice people to relax with. Life is good.


I am pursing an undergraduate degree in computer science at Arkansas State University.

I'm expected to graduate in the spring of 2024.